About the Journal


The Journal of Madhya Pradesh Economic Association is published every year to facilitate researchers, teachers, and faculty members. It provides a platform to highlight the various issues pertaining to the economy of Madhya Pradesh State. Besides this, certain National issues are also discussed. The journal provides a forum for the exchange of views between various social science disciplines and policymakers, planners and executives concerned with the national development, more specifically with the development of Madhya Pradesh Economy. The objective of the journal is to suggest the potential solution and highlight policies that shall be effective in overcoming the economic problems. The journal is an outcome of contributions of various authors from all over Madhya Pradesh and other States whose opinions and comments aim at providing solutions to leading emerging problems.

The present issue of the journal focuses on the following themes:

  1. Digitalization of Indian Economy
  2. Issues of Social Sector in Madhya Pradesh

The views expressed in the articles published in the Journal are those of the contributors. The Editorial Board and Madhya Pradesh Economic Association disclaim responsibility and liability of plagiarism for any statement of fact or opinion made by contributors.